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Magnetic Sign Care Guide for Vehicle Application

IMPORTANT MAGNETIC CLEAN AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: It is extremely important to make sure the vehicle surface is clean and moisture free before applying any magnetic signs. It is recommended that the vehicle surface be waxed and allowed to cure for at least 48 hours before applying magnetic. For new or newly painted vehicles, allow 90 […]

Celebrating 65 Years Giveaway Official Rules

We’ve been in the printing business for 65 years thanks to folks like you and to show our appreciation, we’re giving away two Amazon gift cards this month. While our business model has shifted with changing market demand, we have always been the best source in America for screen and digitally printed lawn signs, decals […]

How to Use Lawn Signs for Your Business

Yard signs are a ubiquitous feature of just about every town in America. Quality yard signs are a cheap source of advertising and brand awareness. When most people think of yard signs, their mind likely goes to political signs, yard sales or open houses, but there are many more uses!  Other great uses for lawn […]

Not Just Signs! Tips for Building a Successful Campaign

Making constituents aware of your campaign can take a little more push than lawn signs posted around your district. Curious about how to expand your campaign’s reach? Let’s talk about some other ideas to help your candidacy get noticed (and voted for!). Palm Cards are an excellent addition to any campaign. These affordable add-ons can […]

Choosing The Right Colors For Your Sign

Whether you’re ordering a political campaign sign or lawn signs to showcase your business on job sites, color choice matters for visibility, brand awareness, catching the eyes of passers-by and even political leanings. VisibilityUtilizing bright, rich colors against the white background of our poly coated cardboard or corrugated plastic signs helps your message pop! Combined […]

Get More Votes and Win Elections with Campaign Yard Signs

Campaign lawn signs have become ubiquitous with election season in recent decades. According to one study, the use of campaign lawn signs quadrupled between 1984 and 2012. And while the same study showed that campaign signs offer a competitive edge resulting in about 2% more votes, candidates continue to utilize them for valid reasons. Let’s explore […]

What is the Difference Between Digital and Screen-Printed Signs?

Here at, we offer both digital and screen-printing options for your campaign yard signs, depending on sign size, material and artwork. What is screen printing? This process uses a fine mesh screen with a positive of your art imprinted on it. The screens are placed over the sign material, (typically either plastic corrugate or plastic […]

Tips for Displaying Large Corrugated Signs

Whether the location for a political sign to promote your candidacy or cause is a farmer’s front yard, a rural byway or a vacant lot, the need for large signs is a must. We would recommend either a 32 x 48, 48 x 48 or 48 x 96 corrugated road signs. Before considering how to […]

4 Essential Ways Contractors Can Profit from Signage

On a job site, contractors have a great opportunity to advertise themselves with lawn signs.  A well-placed sign tells neighbors and passersby who’s working on the property, what they do, and how to contact them. If you’re a roofer, painter, or any other kind of contractor, here are 4 essential tips you need to know […]