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Principally, there are three types of promotional yard signs. Each type of custom sign can present an effective graphic for your lawn. The three characteristics that set these yard signs apart include poly-bag signs, corrugated plastic signs, and fold-over signs.
22 X 28 Fold-Over Event Sign

Poly-Bag Signs

Poly-Bag Signs are produced on plastic film that takes the form of white plastic bags or sleeves that are typically slipped over U-Shaped Sign Frames. The wire frames must fit the same width of the bag in order to hold the bag taut. Bag signs are normally printed using a web process that is cost-effective for high-volume sign orders. The bags are low in bulk and weight. There is a manufacturing and shipping cost premium for wider frames. These signs have a tendency to “bow out” at the bottom from wind, often detracting from the sign aesthetics.
18 x 24 Standard Corrugated Plastic Business Signs

Corrugated Plastic Signs

Fluted, Corrugated Plastic Signs are rigid and weatherproof. It’s simple to put this yard sign up or take it down. The weatherproof aspect makes these signs appropriate for businesses or firms that are committed to a consistent message and look. Our two-sided print signs typically show through, as the medium used to create these signs is not completely opaque. Replacement costs due to abandonment and damage are factors to consider into the total cost equation when considering this type of plastic yard sign.
The typical H-shaped yard sign holders are welded and fabricated with one or two cross braces. These H-shaped frames are more expensive than other bent-type frames. A few suppliers offer cheaper, single-pole wires.

Fold-Over Signs

The last type of sign is the plastic-coated, paperboard sign – often called Fold-over Signs. Quality printers use a waterproof laminate to create these plastic signs. The interior of the sign is comprised of white, opaque, still, solid-bleached, paperboard core that is treated for water resistance. This stock is extruded on both surfaces with a plastic film. The sign is then printed but on one side. A back score makes it possible to fold the sign with the edges either stapled or glued to form what is referred to as a double-sided, fold-over sign. The sign is slipped over a U-shaped yard sign frame, which must fit ⅔ the sign width due to the rigidity of the structure. Weatherability of this type of sign is excellent, as it can withstand most elements like wind, snow, and rain. With a fold-over sign, there is no show through when it comes to printing. For low volume orders, this is the most cost-effective plastic yard sign structure.
Screen printing is the process utilized in printing both the corrugated plastic signs and plastic-coated paperboard signs. Signs are printed flat. The screen printing process affords the greatest economies at the lower to mid-range sign quantities and offers the greatest color graphics punch. Both sign types present the rigid, flat sign look.