7 Signs Fails

We’ve all seen them. Signs you drive by that make you laugh. From poor sign placement, bad spelling, and just plain odd – this list is sure to make you chuckle!

Here’s our roundup of the 7 best sign fails!


1. Drive Thru Lawyer

7 Sign Fails - Drive-Thru LawyerSource: Flickr

Drive Thru Lawyer! That’s speedy service. Do they serve fries with that?


2. God Bless USA Fireworks

7 Sign Fails - God Bless USA Fireworks

Source: Flickr

Huh? God Bless USA Fireworks Happy Cancelled 4th Freedom is Not Free. Oh! God Bless the USA. Fireworks Cancelled. Happy 4th. Freedom is Not Free.


3. “No”

7 Sign Fails - No Swimming

Source: Flickr

“No” swimming! However, no is a loose term here…


4. Not Eorking!

7 Sign Fails - Not Eorking

Source: Flickr

Dang, the pump’s not eorking! Dang. But is it still working?


5. Tichnicians Wanted

7 Sign Fails - Help Wanted Sign

Source: Flickr

Now hiring nail tichnicians! Not sure what that job would entail.


6. Clearnence

7 Sign Fails - Clearence

Source: Flickr

Comforters and pillows on clearence!


7. Muffing

7 Sign Fails - English Muffing

Source: Flickr

What’s a better breakfast than an English muffing and some coffee?


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