The 6 Funniest Restaurant Signs

The restaurant business is the most competitive and saturated industry in the world. Not to mention, one where customers expect clear and readily-available communication about price, ingredients and health practices.

So what happens when a few restaurants get creative, funny or have a moment of carelessness with their communication?

Glad you asked! Here are the 6 Funniest Restaurant Signs (Intentional or Otherwise):

6. Drowned Rat

Funny Signs - Drowned Rat

Image Credit to Bertknot | Flickr

The Drowned Rat has one of the most clever and memorable signs in the restaurant business. When you’re competing against the likes of Starbucks and Caribou, it’s important to stay fresh in consumers’ minds.

Due to their light food offerings and young clientele, coffee shops can usually get away with a bit of whimsy in their marketing. It is still hard to believe, however, that a place which serves any amount of food would advertise with the image of a rat.

This clever espresso bar seems to address that concern with their sign’s message: “Any rats found here get the cement overshoes.”

5. Teenagers

Funny Signs - Teenagers

Image Credit to rfduck | Flickr

This sign may not expressly be advertising a restaurant, but it is at a restaurant and if that doesn’t qualify it to be on our list, then write your own blog post about funny restaurant signs.

The sign sarcastically charges young adults to get out there and do everything yourself as long as you know everything. While it is directly pointed at teenagers, it’s hard at any age to maintain an ungrateful attitude when you stop and think about the ways other people have helped or are helping.

4. In Motion

Funny signs - In Motion

Image Credit to bertknot | Flickr

What’s better than dinner and a show? Not much, seemingly. Some people, however, just don’t have time for that sort of formality. This chandlery, which offers small provisions for boaters, understands that.

Instead of dinner and a comedy show, you get a joke and cold drinks. Perfect for an on-the-go boater whose suit hook is currently being occupied by a life vest.

3. Dream Standard

Funny signs - Dream Standard

Image Credit to Cory Doctorow | Flickr

In a culture where restaurants like Olive Garden advertise themselves as an authentic taste of Italy or Red Lobster presents their restaurants as the superior Maine seafood establishment, you have to respect Standard Tandoori’s honesty.

This sign basically says what many restaurant owners would consider blasphemy, “Our food’s not going to win any fine dining awards, but it’s not going to give you a night with a bucket at your bedside either.”

Which is actually an important promise for a Tandoori restaurant.

2. Crushed and Melted

Funny Signs - Crushed and Melted

Image Credit to Consumerist Dot Com | Flickr

This sign, seen at the Chili’s 2 Go carside service lot, adequately informs prospective parkers about Chili’s illegal parking policy. This policy apparently includes taking illegally parked automobiles and destroying them through force and fire.

Though the sign is a humorous exaggeration, you’d probably still want to think twice about abusing a car side spot if parking’s in high demand and you’re itchin’ for some queso.

1. No Good Answers

Funny Signs - "Restrooms"

Image Credit to Tommi Virtanen | Flickr

Anybody who reads this blog or is familiar with PromoteSigns know that we are committed to signage. We believe it to be the greatest communication tool throughout history. Good signs should answer questions the viewer or reader didn’t even know he or she had.

A sign like this one, seen at a diner however, begs questions to which there is probably no good answer.

“What is meant by the quotation marks surrounding restroom?”

“Could it be that the restroom is not at all a public toilet facility?”

“Does this bathroom just barely qualify as one?”

“Are the proprietors simply making a self aware joke about the idea of resting in a bathroom?”

“Or is it simply a typo that was made on sign day?”

We are left to gaze and wonder, but in a situation like this maybe that’s as close as we would like to be to the answer.

The next time you’re writing and creating your signage, hopefully this list can be an inspiration. Either to inspire a clever and hilarious “do,” or to have a friend read it to prevent an unintentional but hilarious “don’t.”

Either way, you may end up on our next list.

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